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Alborzist is a group of young Muslim individuals from Iran is actively involved in sports, culture, and the arts. Their mission is to introduce Iran's rich cultural and natural heritage to the world. Through various activities in sports, arts, and culture, they aim to bridge cultural gaps and foster international connections. The group is committed to showcasing the unique features of Iran and promoting global appreciation for its diverse natural heritage. Explore the essence of our group's mission and beliefs by reading our manifesto page.

Alborzist's primary focus lies in capturing the natural beauty of Iran through two main branches: photography and documentary filmmaking. The organization showcases the breathtaking landscapes and unique features of Iran's nature. For captivating films, visitors can explore the documentary films page, while those interested in stunning visuals can enjoy a diverse collection of photos on the photography gallery page.

Alborzist is actively engaged in promoting a nature-friendly culture in the community by implementing various programs. These initiatives include organizing educational courses, charitable activities, hosting photography exhibitions, and producing artistic works. In the following, we will delve into further explanations about these endeavors.
Educational activities within Alborzist have been centered around nature photography for years. In these programs, students not only learn the principles of photography but also gain scientific and experiential insights into understanding Iran's nature, eco-tourism, and mountaineering. Ultimately, participants learn how to design and embark on a nature exploration journey, capturing the beauty of Iran's landscapes, and subsequently, how to publish and share these works.
Charitable activities within Alborzist have been diverse over the years, responding to the changing needs of the community. One of the primary charitable projects is called "Hayejan, Omid-e Zendegi," where orphaned and underprivileged children, supported by charitable institutions, are taken on nature trips using off-road vehicles. Through this initiative, Alborzist and its companions provide these children with the opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of being in nature.
Alborzist holds a remarkable record in cultural activities, specifically excelling in organizing nature photography exhibitions with the aim of showcasing the beauty of Iran. As a private group in Iran, Alborzist has successfully hosted numerous photography exhibitions featuring diverse themes related to the nature of Iran.

In Alborzist, mountaineering isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle. We embrace mountaineering not only as a physical activity but as a profound way of life. It serves as a means to access the awe-inspiring panoramas of Iran's elevated terrains, especially the majestic Alborz range. Beyond its physical benefits, mountaineering has a profound positive impact on the human spirit. We invite you to explore the world of mountaineering and discover the transformative power it holds. Visit the Qaf Mountaineering Club page for a deeper insight into our mountain-related activities.​​​​​​​
Since its establishment in the 1990s, Alborzist has utilized off-road and high-clearance vehicles as the primary means to access remote and challenging terrains for capturing the natural beauty. This activity has evolved into one of the most popular sports among Iranian youth in recent years. Alongside vehicle usage, one of Alborzist's main objectives is cultural promotion, emphasizing the responsible use of these vehicles. This cultural approach ensures not only minimal impact on nature but also views these vehicles as tools in service of the environment, reflecting our years of experience in utilizing them.​​​​​​​

In the Name of God, Creator of Mountains